NOR-BAS Fire & Rescue Ladders

W.steps is the European leader in ladders specially developed for the extremely harsh working conditions of fire and rescue services. Our NOR-BAS range includes extension ladders, a rescue platform and section ladders that can be combined and used for a range of different tasks.

NOR-BAS – Fire and rescue ladders

We have a complete range of fire and rescue ladders developed in cooperation with the fire and rescue services. We offer rope operated extension ladders from 8 to 14 metres, equipped with both levelling and safety legs. Our section ladders are extremely versatile. They can not only be used as both leaning ladders and free-standing ladders, they can also be used as a pulley block, a lifting crane, a bridge, a roof ladder and a quayside ladder. Our rescue platform can, among other things, be used for getting access around lorries and trucks at traffic accidents. With our roof racks your ladders can be securely stored on the vehicle roof, and easily accessed with the help of a hydraulic lift system.