Working with ladders

Choose the right standing ladder. 200P is our best step ladder yet.Choose the right standing ladder. 200P is our best step ladder yet.

When working professionally with ladders you usually need to follow some safety guidelines and regulations. These vary from country to country and are primarily governed by national or local working regulations or working laws. Our safety guide covers the basics of what you need to know about safe work on ladders, although additional requirements may apply.

Apart from the basic safety guidelines a few more things are true for at least most European countries.

  • Ladders must be type approved. That’s however nothing you need to think too much about, we make sure our products always fulfil the legal requirements.
  • Ladders should be inspected and maintained regularly, in some countries, such as Netherlands, it should be performed by an independent inspector.
  • There can be voluntary industry standards such as the Swedish labeling “Bra arbetsmiljöval” - A good choice for safe work - that is required on some work sites. Similar labeling also exists in Norway and Finland.

These rules apply to mobile ladders, not ladders that are permanently fix on walls and roofs.

For work at home

If you are using your own ladder at home, there are generally no rules that apply to the use of it but we recommend that you follow the same rules that apply to professionals. Those rules are there to keep you safe. Our ladder safety guide is a great place to start.

If you are hiring a professional craftsman for work in your home, the situation might be a bit different. If you lend them your products you may be responsible for making sure it is safe and approved. This certainly applies to scaffolding, check for national rules and regulations.

For retailers

For retailers the most important thing to know and to follow is that in most European countries, the law requires that all ladders sold are type approved. As long as you are selling W.steps that’s nothing you need to give much consideration. We make sure our products always fulfil the legal requirements.

Perhaps you will find this guide to choosing the right ladder helpful.